Posted by: Scotty | September 4, 2009

The final countdown

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Greece! I’ve spent the entire summer planning for my study abroad trip, it’s finally here, and I can’t wait.

I worked hard all summer and saved up money for the big trip. Two weeks ago I visited UND for move-in weekend. It was great catching up with everyone, but bittersweet seeing friends and family move back to school–it felt like I should be moving in too! (However, nice to still have a month left of summer).

This is my first time ever going to Europe. I’ve been to Mexico and Canada before, but I feel are pretty similar to the US. My biggest fear is getting there and not being able to communicate with the locals and treated differently. I bought some Rosetta Stone, but haven’t exactly put the amount of time into it, as I would have liked to… will have my “Greek Phrasebook” (with two-way dictionary) handy. I’m up for the challenge and will let you know how it goes!

Some interesting things I’ve had to do to prepare for this trip are; purchase electrical converters, attain a student visa, get a hepatitis A shot, register with the state department, mail my bedding and some clothes, and weigh luggage for domestic flights in Greece.

My parents decided they’re going to send me off to school. Were leaving a week before move-in weekend and traveling around Greece… should be fun.

I briefly spoke with a friend who studied over the summer at the college I’ll be at in Thessaloniki, Greece. I asked her what I should expect, she told me one thing… “in Greece, you don’t put toilet paper in the toilet.” Yeah… that was it, lol.

First stop, 8 hour layover in Amsterdam!!

Until next week…



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