Posted by: Scotty | September 19, 2009

Santorini Island!

The cliffs and views from Thira or Santorini Island are incredible! The island sits on top of a volcano- also a major fault line, which had it’s last devastating quake in the 1950’s. We stayed in a  “Quanit” hotel called the Smargadi- the room was like a cottage with a loft upstairs. This was the first time I have heard of not allowing your toilet paper to be flushed in the toilet, you have to put it in a little trash bin.

We took an excursion to an active volcano a few miles from Santorini and got to climb to the top. Next, everyone in the boat went for a dip in the hot springs—this was a blast, however the water is very acidic due to the sulfur from the volcano, which turned my white swimming trunks red!

Santorini is known for it’s tomatoes- and let me tell you the have the best fried tomato balls ever. It’s typically served as an appetizer with a bread shell filled with onions, cheese and tomatoes. The sand is a unique black on the island due to the volcanic rock. (Check out the pics!)

The people Santorini are very calm and welcoming—I could seriously retire here.

Untill next time…

-Scotty out!



  1. Just a note. It’s called Thira, and the whole of Greece is known for tomatoes. For example, on Chios you’ll find tomatoes hung in bunches around the door or window to dry in the sun.

    Toilet paper can’t be flushed in most cases because ancient pipes were not set up for it, and most sewer systems haven’t been replaced or upgraded since. In my experience traveling in 36 countries, there are others where it’s not allowed either.

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