Posted by: Scotty | September 24, 2009

Mullets, Sardines & Football!

My first week of classes went great! Many of my classmates and I are starting to get accustomed to living “the city life” and everything it offers. It seems like every day I discover a new store or section of town and nibble in on some great food. There’s this place by the bus station called the 150 and they have the BEST Greek Gyros I have ever had, complete with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, onions, pork, french fries, ketchup and mustard on top. I have eaten there 4 times already. SOOOOoooooo gooood!!!

The school took us to see the Tomb’s of Alexander the Great. Very cool to see such interesting history and artifacts. We also took a tour of Thessaloniki and went on a scavenger hunt competition to find our way around. Some of the tasks included finding many notable monuments, tasting local foods and also to find the worst: haircut, mullet, parking job and dressed, we had such a fun time.

Walking into ACT on the first day of class was interesting. The first thing that greeted us was a sign that had canceled classes for the semester. Not something you like to see on the first day, but luckily none of my courses were affected. The classes are small, faculty are very professional, they have time to learn our names and to have a one on one conversation, I’m learning a ton and love it!

The campus is very small, a nice change from going to huge and “transparent” schools my whole life. I’ve meet a bunch of really cool people from all around the world and let me tell you, it’s weird being the “outsider” at a school, but kind of refreshing to get a new start with a great group of people.

The other day a bunch of us in my apartment decided to walk up hill a mile or so and check out some taverna’s or Greek restaurants by the castle. The view was so beautiful and the food, great. I tried some interesting seafood that I never had before; sardines, octopus and calamari. It looked very gross, after telling myself, “when in Rome” (or Greece), I decided to go for it, and they were all surprisingly really good!

After the food we stopped in a little Coffee shop and had a frappe, a very popular iced coffee. They had a TV on in the shop and everyone was watching the local Greek football (soccer) game on TV and rooting joyfully for their team. It was really cool to see how everyone was so passionate about the game; it reminded me of watching a Fighting Sioux Hockey game in Grand Forks.

This weekend I’m off to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest!

Untill next time…

Scotty out!


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