Posted by: Scotty | November 11, 2009

Studying in style… Greece!

I’m learning a ton of new things I never thought I would have before. At the beginning of the semester we had two days of orientation. The president of the university spoke with us about creating a balance while we study this semester with our senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch and adventure. ACT offers a variety of courses, I decided to fulfill my Art’s and Humanities and Social Sciences requirements.

Philosophy of Ethics has opened my mind to a world of thought and ways of life. I love hearing what other students from all across the world take from the readings in class, it gives me a completely different perspective on life. Advertising class

In Advertising class we are learning how to create the best campaigns for any given company and what marketing with that share of heart, passionately, really means. We are gaining hands on experience, learning the stages of creating a campaign and project management with a group. I enjoy coming up with wild ideas!

Art appreciation is teaching me to look at any given painting, sculpture or work of art with a different point of view. We’re learning the basic principles of design and it’s fascinating to see artwork from centuries ago still influencing us today.

My Greek course is by far the most challenging. I am enjoying learning a language and being immersed in it simultaneously. We’re learning the basics in an 11 week course, so it’s not like I will be fluent (I wish). Languages don’t come very easy to me, but it has been fun trying out the language with the native speakers.

Just like our president suggested, having equilibrium with everything– Which also means taking break from studying and having some fun! Last week we went to a Pan (all) Thessalonikian Athletic Organization of Constantinopolitans or PAOK game, PAOK Soccer Gamewhich is the City of Thessaloniki’s football (soccer) team. I have never seen so many passionate fans cheer for their team. It was crazy, if it took place in the U.S. you would have thought there was a riot going on or something. Fans had road flares, fireworks, toilet paper and confetti they waved in the air and threw down on the field. A chair from a few rows up was taken off its seat and thrown down after a bad call. It was an intense game, the PAOK’s ended up winning in overtime. What a fun time.

ACT took us to Athens over the weekend and it was a great time. We stayed in a 5 star hotel right next to the Acropolis and visited the new Acropolis Museum and Parthenon. The Museum is filled with thousands of ancient artwork. The third floor of the building has the exact dimensions of the Parthenon, and the entire outer shell of the building is glass overlooking the Acropolis and city. The museum is also built over ancient ruins and everywhere you walk there is glass where you can see the ruins below you.Changing of the guard

We also had an opportunity to see the changing of the guards, which is a national ceremony held every day since 1932 (Greece’s independence). The guards stand motionless all day, watching over the tomb of the unknown soldier in front of the Parliament buildings. Birds sit on the ledge above the soldiers and it’s beautiful to see them all fly overhead (check out the video on YouTube.)

ACT group at the changing of the guard

Until next time…

-Scotty out!


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