Posted by: Scotty | December 20, 2009

Traveling home never goes as planned

Just two weeks ago I remember everyone in the library studying for finals and talking about the holiday party. It seems weird to be writing this, but I’ve started packing to head back to the states. How do you pack a whole semesters worth of memories in such a small bag!? I had to go to the fish market the other day in Aristotle Square and get another bag to fit everything. All of the other things I’ve acquired, I’m leaving here for the students in my studio next semester, and to friends Richie and Dani who are studying the entire year, (I would love to do that).

The talk around the Panepistimiou apartments is that traveling home never goes as planned. Here’s some interesting stories some of my study abroad friends have experienced on their departures home:

Bridget bought a bunch of gifts for her family and friends, and was charged around 400 euro for extra baggage because she was flying first to Athens (only one checked bag is allowed for domestic flights).

Sam locked her keys in her room at 3am along with her baggage, just two hours before her flight, luckily the guard station at ACT is open 24/7 and she was able to get back in time to make her flight.

Mike thought his flight left on the 22nd and found out today it actually leaves tomorrow the 21st So he’s been packing like crazy for the past few hours.

Jamie went to grab a taxi at 4am and to her surprise the drivers went on strike for the day! She had to find the 78 city bus to the airport and made it just in time.

I hope my last hoorah goes a bit smoother, but now I feel prepared for anything! I’m leaving on the 23rd and will be home just in time for Christmas (cross your fingers for good weather)!

It’s been hard being the last one to leave and saying goodbyes, and now very quiet! I was in my room the other and heard carolers from outside (Check out my vids on YouTube). They are on top of the hill about a half-mile away from our apartments singing from the castle. Now all we need here is SNOW!!

Last night a few of us decided to get into the holiday spirit and walked around town. We checked out the Christmas lights, tree and sailboat in Aristotle Square. Our Greek holiday adventure wasn’t complete without a midnight coffee.

3 more days and I’m home! I’ll keep you updated on my trip back and transitioning to life again in the States.

Untill next time…

-Scotty out!


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