About me

Hi I’m Scotty,

So it’s my senior year at the University of North Dakota and I finally decided to stop dreaming and start doing! I’m from Champlin, MN majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations, Advertising and Journalism. I guess you could describe me as a bit of an adventure geek.

I like reading quotes, not just any quote, but words that motivate and inspire individuals to pursue what they are passionate about. I believe life’s too short to spend the majority of your time working at something you’re not passionate about. One of my favorite quotes is written by a friend, which pretty much sums me up.

“I think I’ll try to explore and experience this Earth with a child-like curiosity that has yet to be crushed by the weight of the world, where the uncertainty of time is still fun and adventurous, where gut feelings are still rewarded with good.” -Shane Gerbert

I have always wanted to see what this crazy world we live in is all about, and to experience cultures outside of my good old hometown and Grand Forks, ND. I’m studying abroad at the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) in Greece this fall semester and would love for you to experience this once in a lifetime trip along with me.

This will be my first time traveling to Europe and I plan on taking advantage of every learning opportunity. I know there is just a ton of blogs out there; I would like to make this fun and innovative with stories, pictures, and videos. I’ve asked family and friends what they would like to know about while abroad, I’d like to hear from you too, so the more comments and suggestions the better.

I hope you enjoy the adventure as well!

-Andrew “Scotty” Scott



  1. Hi Scotty!
    I go to UND and am planing on going to ATC this spring. I am soooo excited!!! I was told to read your blog, so I just read all of them ha. It sounds like your having a blast and are soaking up the culture. After reading your blog, it makes me feel less nervous about culture shock, and mostly the language barrier. That is the thing I think i am most nervous about. I hope you have a great time at Oktoberfest! Ill keep up to date with your blog, I love reading it! Have a great time over there 🙂
    Laura Johnson

    • Hi Laura!

      Thanks for your response, I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. (Now I know I have at least one UND student fan!) 🙂

      You are going to love studying abroad at ACT and living in Greece. UND and ACT did a great job preparing me to come out here, I know it may seem overwhelming at times, but, it’s worth every minute!!

      Talking with friends i’m studying with agree- they were a little nervious about the language barrier and culture shock, but once your here-you get over it and realize it’s just something that adds to your unique expierence-something you all get to expierence together, and you will eventually grow accustomed to it (at least I still am!)

      If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


      p.s. traveling in Munich, Germany this weekend was a blast!!

  2. Hi!

    Glad to see you are out and exploring the world! Greece sounds like an interesting place to be, indeed. I am indeed honored to be quoted. However, enough about me.

    Have plenty of fun, laughs and great experiences in Greece!

    Good Day,

    Shane Gerbert

  3. Shane, of course I had to put your quote in my blog, it’s probably one of the greatest alive!!!

  4. A-Scott I am glad you having the time of your life! After all youve gone through I consider this to be a much needed vacation for you! I wish I had the opportunity to do what you have done, and wish you many more adventures in the future! Take care and enjoy the remaining weeks you have there! Cannot wait to see you back in GF! Once I get back up there again!

  5. Hey Andy-

    I know a ton of people who have been reading your blogs and think it’s very interesting! I am so proud of you!! You are such a great role model and an inspiring individual. I hope that I too can study abroad someday. Hope you have a blast your last two weeks there. Can’t wait to see you when you get home!

    Love, Sissy

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